All Steel Structures - Company Profile

All Steel Structures Ltd is a structural steel detailing company which has worked on a variety of projects from large multi storey structures to stairs and balustrades. The majority of our work is in the UK with the occasional job overseas.

Our customers range from large steel companies with a high degree of automation to smaller, one man operations. We take our responsibility as detailers very seriously, knowing that the success or failure of a contract can depend on timing and accurate detailing.

All our detailers have many years of experience and also the majority have spent time as in-house detailers with fabrication companies. This in-house experience means we are better placed to understand the requirements and pressures of the fabrication industry.

We employ the latest 3D modelling software to ensure accurate and error free drawings. This software allows us to produce all the required drawing, CNC data and reports required by the modern fabricator.